Thursday, September 9, 2010

getting out there and making friends....

So like I said before I have a fear of rejection, which has come from years and years of being rejected by so called friends....but I decided to not give up and to try yet again, LOL.

A few years ago in DC a really nice friend signed me up for MOPs (Mom's of preschoolers) to help me pass the time my Hubby would be away at BNCOC. It turned out to be a blast! I loved having somewhere to go every 2 weeks and getting that one on one time with other Moms without my kids. It was nice to not have to say words like Potty and time out for 2 hours. Well last year during my son's little league baseball I met this really nice Mom from the other team who invited me to come to MOPs here in Savannah. I was nervous about putting myself out there but remembered what a good time it had been before so I went. And it was awesome!

So this year I decided to join the Steering team  and help run MOPs. Already I can tell that I am going to make some fabulous new friends and it is really nice having something to look forward too and work on while Hubby is gone. And you know I love anything creative so I am already enjoying making decorations for our meetings and helping with crafts. In gact you know I took pics of the centerpieces, LOL.

So I am really excited for this year in MOPs, I think we are going to have a fabulous time. And I might just come out of this with some friends. Fingers Crossed.

So I think any military wife should look for a group to join even if your hubby is home, because it really does help to have a support system of other women that you can trust. Sometimes that can be the FRG (has never been in my experience) or even a Bunko group, but just look for a way to put yourself out there and meet people no matter how uncomfortable it can be. And hey MOPs meets all around the world , so there is something you can try, here is their website

Now just wish me luck, I really could use some friends ..... :o)

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  1. I am so proud of you for getting out of the house and getting involved like you are :) If all goes well we will be visiting you you!