Monday, September 20, 2010

a Blast from the Past.....

Ok, so its not what you think at all, I swear.

Tonight I decided to work on some sewing projects that I had not completed in forever, figured I would check something off the ol' to do list. Not that my day was not productive mind you. As I did climb 178 steps up and back down in the Tybee Lighthouse, while wearing my butt firming shoes. But I really don't know, I just got the itch to do a lil' sewing.

Sewing to me is so many different things, it does not really feel like a chore most of the time and usually only makes me think of great childhood memories.

Like sitting with my MawMaw learning to sew a pillow by hand , how excited I was to get to do such a grown up thing. Listening to her talk of the days where all women got together for quilting bees,(and how she used to sit underneath the quilt they were making and tend to babies and play), and how her momma taught her to sew.  She would also talk of all the beautiful things her Mom had made for her and her many siblings over the years.  We would have some of our best talks while she was teaching me. And who know that it would turn into such a life long passion for me.

Sewing also brings to mind something my Mom has apologized to me many times for. The fact that when I was little and really wanted something like a Care Bear or Rainbow Brite and her horse Starlight, she had to make them for me, since they just could not afford things like that. She would buy pre printed pillow patterns that looked just like the dolls I so had to have and she would lovingly cut them out and sew them together and then stuff them for me. She always talks about how sad she was that she could not get me the real thing, but I still do not think she realises how beloved those pillows were to me, so much more then the real thing ever would have been. The fact that she would take the time to go to so much effort so that I could have what I wanted means a lot to me even still. So much so......

That tonight I happened to find myself sitting in the floor at my trusty sewing machine with my baby girl Kate making her replicas of my beloved pillows. We cut them out together and pinned them and then sewed them . Watching the joy in her face as she got to help me make them was priceless. She was so excited to see it take shape and then especially to stuff it with the fluffy white cotton. And then she just could not wait till they were all sewed up so she could hug and love on them. The whole time making them , I kept thinking, wow, what patience my Mom must have had to sit and make so many of them when I was small. Because in reality just the 2 we made were surprisingly difficult. But so worth it. I know so many people insist on making sure their kids have it so much better than they had. Not me.  I want my kids to know the joy of simple things made for them with love by a Mom who cares enough to do it and not just what could be bought at a store. I want them to see how much I love them the way my Mom did for me. She feels so bad she could not just buy the things I wanted, but really of all the tings I had as a kid the things my Mom made for me are the ones I remember the most.

Another thing I think of when I sew, is how I used to sit and watch in awe as My Granny (My Mom's Mom) could sew at lightning speed on her old fashioned Singer machine. The way she was quick and made it look so effortless. And how much fun it was to play in the scrap material and design things, that she would then sew for me. I literally could sit for hours and watch as she sewed pillow covers for couches and cars. It was truly amazing and some of my best memories with her.

I also hope that maybe I will be able to instill in Kate a love for sewing , too. I want her to have the kinds of memories that I have with both my Mom and my MawMaw. Plus really it can be a very useful skill.....whether you are making a pillow, hemming some pants or whipping out that MacGuyver style kit from your purse to sew a certain Sister's beloved work jacket , while sitting in a police station. Heck, I even had to sew a tent shut while in Africa last summer. It has been an invaluable tool for me over the years.  Seriously.

I also hope that my MawMaw will be around for a very long time to help teach Kate the wonderful things she taught me and to tell the wonderful stories (I nicknamed the "Little House" stories) about her childhood with no electricity , nor indoor plumbing. Stories that I worry will die with her as I just can not remember them all., LOL. Just thought that was funny, but I am corny that way. But hey I actually do feel very productive tonight, nothing makes me happier that to see something I made or painted myself  finished.

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