Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The strangest argument took place in my house the other night one, that you would have sworn you were watching on TV and not in person. It was more like an old episode of Roseanne or something. It truly was funny and just goes to show how far my Hubby and I have come in the 13 years we have been married. (As yesterday was our anniversary)

We were arguing about something silly as usual as we rarely have any meaningful fights, and my temper got the best of me and I decided to remove myself from  the situation entirely. So I of course went out the front door in my usual the entire world must hear me leave fashion and slammed the 140 year old door. And I suppose after 2 years of doing this the door had, had it and the window pane broke. Loudly.

At first i went to the other end of the porch to afraid to even come back for my cigarettes I left by the rocker, as I figured much like Ricky would tell Lucy , I would have some splainin to do.....except I did not think Brandon would be so nice about it. So there I was twisting my hair nervously and biting my lip waiting on the inevitable when finally...........

He stuck his head through the broken window and said as calm as could be "really?" , "I am so tired of just throwing money out of the window, literally". To which I began to giggle and he actually cracked a lil smile while trying to pretend to still be mad at me. Then in true Dan Conner fashion proceded to tell me that he was not fixing this and that I needed to take care of it on my own (even though he used to work in a glass company and fix windows for a living) , so I in true Roseanne fashion handed him the tools and said I was not paying someone 50 bucks to do what he could do for free and that if i measured it, it would turn out all wrong I'm sure.....so we argued back and forth all while he did what I needed him to do, lol. But we laughed all throughout the arguing and got the job done albeit at 1 am.

10 years ago that would have gone so very differently , with one of us on the couch and a lot more yelling and then not speaking for days. It's amazing how much better we get along and work together now than we did then. Who knew .

It's been a wild ride , but I am looking forward to seeing where we are in another 13 years , that's for sure!