Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finding my groove.....well at least trying to

Ok so while I realise I should have already found my deployment groove, I mean we are almost half way through for Pete's sake. LOL. But if you knew me you would expect me to be late on this and everything else. In fact there is a running gag in our family that I will be late for my own funeral. (My Mom actually wants to have it in her will that they purposely be 15 min late taking her to the funeral)

But anywho....I have not been posting the last few days as I have been in one of those evil assed down in the dump moods. The kind where you get on your own damn nerves. I was starting to think I would never shake it. So........

Last night I made the 1st step up out of my whole. I painted my nails Yellow, a nice bright happy yellow. The kind of yellow that makes you smile when you notice your nails. Unfortunately though I woke up the same cranky person i went to bed as. So......

Today I took a long nap and then decided to tackle my house that had not been deep cleaned since before I left for AL the first time almost 10 weeks ago. I dusted and scrubbed and vacuumed and washed laundry, just the whole works....I even fixed a toilet seat and a shower rod and replaced my cabinet knobs in the master bath.

Then I put my nice clean sheets back on my bed and decided to put a really pretty girly quilt on my bed . I also reorganized my room and made it more me and less us. I mean I know that this house is mine and my Hubby's together but one of the issues I had with this deployment was my jealousy at his having a space all his own whereas I did not. I kept imagining all the fun things I could do in his situation, whether it be all out high school musical or Hannah Montana bedding and fun posters of cheesy things like twilight. I imagines this whole dorm style thing that I never got to do because I have not been to college. So I got to thinking why couldn't i do that with my room too? At least till Hubby comes home. And I love this quilt an old family friend made it and it is made out all of her favorite old clothes, its unique and pretty and I really just like it. Plus it works with this whole Paris angle I seem to be taking in here, LOL.

Then to really get my mood up I decided to put the pink back into my hair. Because how can you be sad when you look in the mirror and have beautiful yellow nails and bright pink hair peeking out. And the peace of mind that your house is eat off the floor clean.

Plus I am now really looking forward to my Sister coming to visit next week with her MIL and Hubby. Finally.....some adult time! Plus I will finally get to do the sightseeing that I have not had time to do. Plus her MIL Becky has promised to teach me to knit! Something I have always wanted to learn how to do.

And hey if I learn it, then I can check something off of my Deployment Goals List, woot woot.

So maybe I am finally hitting my stride with this whole no hubby thing. So hey if your having issues dealing with your hubby being gone maybe try a few of these things I have done....might help, but even if it doesn't you will be in a bad mood in a very clean house with very pretty hair and nails, LOL.  Just go crazy and have fun with your room or maybe your whole house while Hubby is gone. Mine now looks like a 15 yr old girl moved in a took over and I just LOVE it!

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  1. I think its great you found your groove...enjoy the girly room...for now lol