Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today Just sucks....

Today my Grandaddy died. And I am stuck 400 miles away from my family and my Hubby is deployed. Such is the luck of an Army wife.

So tomorrow I will have to load up 2 pain in the butt kids and head back alone to AL. I dread it in the worst way you can imagine. I do not deal well with death or road trips.

I am so sad for my Daddy and my MawMaw the most. I am also sad for the rest of us....I mean I know he is better off. But it hurts.

I find myself wishing that I had gotten to know him better or spent more time with them. And most of all I regret not coming home more these last 9 years we have been in the army.

I feel very helpless and useless right now as there is nothing I can do for anybody else. And I feel that praying just isn't enough.

My grandparents had been married for 45 years and as far as I know other than a few guard drills over the years have never been apart. I can not imagine her pain right now. He will be so sorely missed.

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