Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Helpful Hints to stay close through deployment....

Ok so these are just some of the things we have done while he is gone....feel free to add anything you have done that I did not think of....

But one of the first things we had done, was we had pillowcases made that had the other's picture on it (and we posed like we were lying down in bed) so that we could still sleep together every night, lol. I also had a blanket made with our photos on it. So I could still snuggle with him.

We also (I say we, but I actually have no idea if he is doing it or not) keep daily journals where we write just a little something about what happened that day or just a simple "I Love You", and we plan to exchange them when he gets home.

I also try to send him thoughtful care packages pretty regularly and have included such things as his favorite snacks, magazines, a video game, t shirts and even a Tybee Island Magnet. I try to include little silly things that remind him of home and of me, and I also try to send him some of the creature comforts he can not purchase there at the PX.

But Skype is the greatest thing ever. The last time my hubby deployed we did not have this option. But with Skype I can at least IM with the hubby for a few minutes everyday and some times we get to video chat, which is fabulous for the kids.

And this may be a little TMI, but we also try to keep the sex life spicy by sending racy photos to each other. I have become a wiz with the self timer feature on my camera, LOL.

I also still try to write old fashioned letters when I can , as I love to receive mail from him when he is gone. I can be just a like a WWII bride waiting by the mail box sometimes.

But those are just a few of the things we have done so far....and I will add pics of the blankets and pillows if I ever figure out how.....

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