Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It is that time again....the time most Army wives either LOVE or absolutely HATE. I HATE IT! With a passion. I think now part of it is because of the Aspergers (it makes it very hard on me to deal with change) and part of it is because, by the time it is time to go , which usually for us is about every 2 years,  I have just settled in and made friends and a life. And then BLAM-O , Uncle Sam says it is time to go ....again.

Just the process of watching strangers touching my things and putting it into boxes and then not knowing where it is going to be , kills me. I may not have fabulous or expensive stuff not it is my stuff. You know. Hence the panic attacks that begin weeks in advance just thinking about these events......and then the day of the actual loading turned out to be our turn with the lovely Hurricane Irene. I of course was completely all alone at the house with the movers (and strangers make me nervous) and just as they are loading my Granny's antiques onto the truck the bottom fell out and we began to get a downpour of sideways rain....so my furniture was getting wet, the boxes on the porch were getting wet, etc.  Needless to say the movers began to just throw my things onto the truck or into my house.....which made me really freak. And I was all ALONE! Oy, the joys of being an Army Wife......they then decided to leave and come back another day as they could not risk getting flooded onto the island overnight. Which of course pushed back our clear out date with the landlord from hell. Good times all around. So I of course put my big girl panties on, sat at the table took my meds and opened the new bottle of wine. And then allowed myself to bawl like a baby for 10 min. Then I said to hell with it all and got to cleaning what could be cleaned and moved on with life.

But thank you Baby Jesus for wonderful friends! They took us in that night (well basically forced us in, as I was going to ride it out on Tybee) and we all went bowling and had a fabulous night......till I made one of my famous cartoon like falls , which of course ended with me and Beks hangin at the ER all night long and me with a nasty concussion....but I did get up and walk it off for the sake of the kids and not ruining their night. My game suffered a lil, but all in all it was a blast. And you know I love to be the center of attention.....especially if I can make someone laugh doing it.

I made some amazing friends in Savannah and I will miss them more than words can ever say. They were my family when my Hubby deployed and when my family members were dying.....or when I needed someone to whine to or when I needed somewhere to go and clean to relieve stress. They gave me hugs and support and shook me out of my shell. They loved me inspite of me being me. There was nothing they would not do for me and vice versa.  I think now that I am gone, God put me there because he knew that I would need all of that while Brandon was gone and that I would need to be close to my family during such a painful year. And while I am so sad to see it end.....I can truly smile because it happened and I know that those friends I made are the kind that are more like family or or that one high school photo your Mom pulls out all the time...you will never be able to get rid of them....but why would I ever want to. In fact I fully intend to drive back and kidnap them if they do not visit really soon.....just saying. (Might want to warn your hubby's that their is a crazy wild woman who may steal you from your beds one night......duh duh duhhhhhhhhh, lol) At the very least I plan to facebook stalk you all. I hope you all know just what you mean to me....and oh how I will miss singing in the choir. Nathan and the FBCI choir literally helped me find a voice and gave me courage to sing onstage.....Sundays will not be the same without you all.

The drive up to DC was not without it's own calamities...but it would not be us if it all worked out , now would it....lol. But the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg was a perfectly timed just needed oasis in the middle of this craziness.....so if you ever get a chance go there. Best service ever and it was so much fun for all of us.

But we are now back in lovely DC....and literally within the 1st 10 min of being in the hotel i set the smoke alarm off (apparently 73 in VA is way colder than 73 in Tybee) by using the heater.....and house hunting has been pretty unsuccessful. But we did get the most amazing reception from our family/friends here in VA and my baby girl took her first ballet class today! And apparently she rocked at it, but the teacher is her Godmother and maybe a lil biased, lol. But she looked gorgeous doing it so I am one happy Momma! And Indiana begins break dancing classes on Thursday :)  and i too get to take classes, yippee so while a lot of things make me want to crawl under the itchy uncomfy hotel bedding and hide till hell freezes over once again great friends know just how to pull me out and make me function.

So now please just pray we find a house asap! And a church looking for a new choir member..... I think prayers are all that has gotten us through these last few weeks so THANK YOU! Hugs and kisses to you all. And I miss you .


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  1. I may be a little biased...but honesty she really was the best one in the class!