Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh the Joys of an Army Move

Ok, so once again it has been a while, but you try blogging from a lil tiny cell phone since it took Verizon over a month to get my internet installed. >.< And that is just the tip of the iceberg with this particular PCS (or in layman's terms army move). This one has been, by far the most trying both on my nerves and marriage as well as my family.

I was right to be worried about my belongings they just simply tossed into the moving truck during Hurricane Irene in Savannah, as most of it came off the truck here in lil tiny pieces. I have the pics to prove it, lol. Not to mention the brand new sleeper sofa and love seat (the first nice pieces of furniture we have ever bought in our 10 years of being in the army) were still wet when they unwrapped them. So who knows what sort of mold is growing in the cushions now. And they tore the cushions and sides.  So now I am paying out of pocket for a storage building to House all of these broken things , since you are not allowed to get rid of them until the claim adjusters see them all.

Well we thought ok, this means the army will have to buy us new things. Well oh my, how things have changed since our last move as far as the process is concerned to file a claim to get reimbursement. You used to be able to file an immediate claim with the delivering company for the items they saw were broken and then a separate claim later for broken items you unpacked out of your boxes. You can not do that now. It must all be one claim filed to a website that we could not even access. Brilliant, huh. If you ask me, it seems as though the Military has done this on purpose so as to get out of paying for your stuff their movers break....yet if you move your own things they do not reimburse enough to cover the move, hmmmmmm. So you're over a barrel metaphorically speaking. Not to mention the movers had me write down all of the broken items on a sheet, only to very sneakily take that sheet with them when they left, thus leaving me to try and decipher the hieroglyphics on the packing sheets to figure out item numbers, etc needed to file said claim. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Plus since my property changed hands through 3 different companies there is going to be a fight over who has to pay. That should be fun and long drawn out, thus extending the amount of time i have to pay for that expansive stotage unit.....good times all the way around people.

(Hubby's dresser, or was at one point)

(my dresser was so broken they were afraid to unwrap it all the way for fear they would get injured moving it, they would not even take it in the house)

(was a cute pink dresser, that is of course discontinued now)

(brand new dvd cabinet)

(nice huh)

(the dark spots are where it is still wet....and they were all over both pieces)

(this does not even include the pics of the little things they did, like packing fragile things at the bottom of boxes and then placing heavy items on top , thus crushing or destroying them, this was just the furniture, awesome isn't it)

I am so ready to go on a homicidal rampage that lands me on CNN it is not funny. The only thing holding me back is I need my hair done so that I would at least look pretty in my mugshots......because I so do not want one of those Nick Nolte or Lindsay Lohan type shots making the news.

Unpacking has been impossible up until this point which is driving me nuts since we had no furniture to put things in, and I am one of those that usually knocks this out in 4 days the chaos is more than my meds can handle for my poor Hubby has had to see my constant meltdowns which are driving him to the point of wanting a divorce I am sure. It has been awful. No other way to describe it. Poor guy.

Plus just finding a house up here was a lot harder than we had anticipated it would be, and so was getting my son enrolled in school. So double Grrrrrrrrrrr.

I have tried to stay positive, but frankly I feel I am hanging off a cliff by the end of a shredding rope about to fall and I am not even sure I do not want to.

There has been some good things though, so do not let it seem like I am forgetting all of the blessings in my life, we did finally find a lovely , yet insanely quirky house. But it is well below what the army is giving us for housing, so Yay for that. And we still have our good friends the Queen's here, who have welcomed us like family and have allowed us into their home for meals and internet usage, not to mention that Windy has allowed us to take dance classes. Which dancing much like singing (in that I am not very good at either) calms me and makes me feel alive.

Moving is so hard as it is, without all of this added stress happening to us too, it is beyond frustrating. I miss all of my Savannah friends so , so much. And missing all of the lovely things going on out by my old house this time of year only makes me want to cry more. T.T

This move is costing us so much money and I have no idea when i will see any of it back.....Hubby's job also cost us money as they were supposed to supply vouchers to cover his transportation to work when we arrived, but of course for the first few weeks that office was closed and we had to cover it (and of course they do not reimburse, gotta love the army) and then the new furniture and just your basic moving things, and we are still fighting with the previous landlord to secure the rest of our deposit simply because I am sure she is the devil reincarnated.....

But I guess I will end my rant for now.....thanks for letting me get it all out as this keeps me from unleashing on any undeserving parties, i.e. my Hubby,kids or the mailman.  LOL.

And hey if I turn up on CNN now you will know why.....but I promise to avoid the pawn shops and gun stores for at least another few weeks.....and then there is the mandatory waiting periods anyways.

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