Saturday, November 13, 2010


Ok, I am a terrible Blogger. I am not very good at all with keeping up sometimes. But it has yet again been pretty eventful in my world.

2 weeks ago, I lost my Granny (my Mom's Mom) and had to head back to AL for the funeral. It was truly sad in so many ways. I just do not understand why God needed her now. Why couldn't she have one last Christmas with us considering we had missed out on the last 20 with her. My kids had barely even gotten to meet her. Plus it really was nice reconnecting with her after all of that time apart. But now she is gone.

I have also been busy finishing my very first ever knitted blanket! I am so proud of myself....and it turned out gorgeous if i do say so myself.  Not bad considering it took 3 attempts and like a zillion stitches....maybe I am a knitter after all.

I also had to come up with and teach a craft all by myself to my MOPs group this past Wednesday. And I had conferences at school, and I had to have my big toenail removed (which hurt like hell).

Plus it is FINALLY getting to be time for R&R which means a ton of house cleaning (which included scrubbing carpets on my hands and knees since I do not have a carpet cleaner anymore) and  getting pretty (I need a manicure so bad and probably should shave my stems)....but man oh man am I nervous. It has been a very long and stressful 7 months and 4 days since he left. I am worried I have changed too much and that he will not like me or, that things just will not be the same between us...or that it will kill me when he leaves to go back. (Please excuse my completely bipolar moment there...) Its just a very odd feeling, to be so excited and to dread all at the same time.

So anywho, that is what I have been up to. So wish me luck for a Good R&R , please. I really do need it.

Maybe I wil have many funny stories to tell after R&R....LOL

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