Sunday, October 17, 2010

a Happy Post....

So after yesterday's fairly dark post I thought I would tell you something good for a change.  Because really in the end I am not all doom and gloom, I swear.

This has actually been a pretty good week as far as learning to be more  independent. I fixed a clogged drain myself and rebuilt my mailbox post after it was hit by a car. I also asserted myself with our landlord. I have also made it about 10 inches into the blanket I am knitting....

I have seen my kids do some pretty funny things this week too. From Kate and her very entertaining dinner "lesson" (my son couldn't say blessing when we began this tradition) to my son informing the cashier tonight at the grocery store, when asked about the glitter on his head, that he had been attacked by the Tooth Fairy last night.

Another good thing about this week is that we have finally made it over the hump in this deployment. We are now 190 days in and hopefully it will all be down hill from here. Plus R&R is now only weeks away.

Plus I am ready to really let the past be the past and have been praying to find the help I need to do it. I know with God's help I can finally start to become the person he wants me to be :)

But for now I am gonna snuggle up on the couch with my toothless son and watch Iron man 2.....

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