Sunday, November 6, 2011


So just a quick update on the whole claims process (by the way we have already been storing the broken stuff for almost 2 months) . They called , finally, to schedule the time to come out and take pictures of the broken things. Hubby let them know in advance the items were in 2 separate locations and was told it would not be an issue.

So he played phone tag for 2 days to get the appointment scheduled. They settled on 7-10 am on a Friday morning. The man showed up barely looked at broken items and took a few pics, did not want to see my pictures at all. Then when asked if he would then be going to the storage facility for the rest of the pictures he said that he would not, that we would need to reschedule another appointment for that. Which infuriated me as it took us 3 weeks to get them out the 1st time, what if it takes another 3 weeks >.< that will be another month at 100.00 I have to pay to store broken crap! Plus now we are back to playing phone tag for an appointment at all.......

So there you have it. The joys of trying to get reimbursed for your damaged household goods when you let the army move your things. Which of course is what they all recommend so that you are protected in the event something like this happens........(face palm)

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