Wednesday, May 11, 2011

about those Deployment Goals....

Ok, so once again I have been a very bad blogger. But life gets crazy busy once the Hubby finally comes hime, lol.

But I was thinking back on those deployment goals I made at the beginning and after reading them again I wanted to see if I let's see.

1.First and foremost Do not kill kids.  ( I did manage to do this one, as the kids are still very much alive and as big a pain as ever, lol.)

2.Work on becoming an alcoholic so as to achieve the first and most important goal. ( I tried hard on this one, but don't think I managed at all :P)

3.Remember to Eat. ( I did have some issues with this one, but managed to do it regularly and every single day.  Although I did forgo showering some days to even out the energy expended in doing so. )

4.Figure out what God would have me to learn from this sucky experience. (I am still not certain what I was supposed to learn, although I can tell you that I did learn to run the house alone, handle kids alone, survive deaths alone, fix disposals and drains and showers alone, and how to do all of that and maintain som form of sanity (or at least enough to full others)

5.remember to smile at least once a day (pretty sure I did this one, although it was usually at mine or my kid's expense)

6.remember to ask for help (this one was hard for me, but after a few months I did get the hang of it, of course, just in time for Hubby to return, lol)

7.try and make some friends no matter how much it may hurt (I did do this one! I have made some of the most amazing friends ever, they have been there for me and made me laugh or took me to the ER or let me clean their homes when I was restless, they have taken my kids so I could get a break and have just been awesome! and I <3 them all very much)

8.have another drink (definitely managed this one......a few times)

9.and last of all and remember this is very important, DO NOT KILL Kids or anyone else if possible (see #1)

So there you have it. I think I did pretty well considering my goals, maybe next time I will make some actual goals and not such silly ones. But knowing me, probably not.

All in all thouigh it was a long hard year, but we made it and have come out on the other side stronger people both seperately and together as a couple. The kids and the cat survived so that alone makes it a success on my least I think, anyways.

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