Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things I have learned.........

I am finally nearing the end of this stupid deployment, if you had told me a year ago that I would actually survive this in one piece I so would have whined and cried like a 5 yr old . And I can honestly say the pessimist in me won out in the end over my emotions and I was not someone anyone wanted to be near for those first few months.  Fast Forward, (hindsight is alwaaaaaays 20/20) and I can look back on it all and see where I was wrong . I could and have survived.....everything annoying or ridiculous that has happened I have survived.  But anyways here is a short list of the things I have learned this year, starting from the beginning....

1. Some people who claim to be your friend are NOT
2. You should make real life friends,  too. Internet friends are not always who you think they are.
3. You can make that road trip alone with 2 kids and a cat, just don't forget 2 redbull shots and your ipod
4. You will survive the funerals and other hard things that come along
5. Skype and magic jack are incredibly awesome
6. Do not watch schmoopy sappy army movies early in deployment, they will only make you bitter and sad
7. the news is never good
8. staying busy really is the best way to get through it.....volunteer for everything and never say no to an invite no matter how much you want to
9. family is really important , so glad I reconnected with all of mine this year
10. take time for yourself.......
11. it is ok to leave dishes in the sink over night, heck you can leave them until you need them or they overflow the sink
12. soup and sandwiches is totally a healthy meal
13. Campbell's has a ton of new varieties :D
14. Ask for help (do not wait until your 9 months in, either)
15. You can watch schmoopy army homecoming shows at the end of deployment, and it is ok to cry
16. Daniel Tosh can make you laugh after the show has made you cry
17. Once its time for Hubby to come home, do not watch the episode of MASH where Henry Blake leaves to go home. Period.
18. once your hubby is in your arms it will all be ok. The rest is just small stuff. (At least I am hoping on this one as he is not home yet, I will let you know once he is....)
19. Oh and last but not least it is NOT really like it is portrayed on Army Wives.
20. If you put yourself out there you can make some of the best friends ever. Thank God for MOPs.

This is most of what I have learned, feel free to add to it though :) ......

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